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ALUTRUSS DECOLOCK DQ1-SC19 kétutas sarok 45 °fekete

20.790 Ft (16.370 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 60301446


Universal 1-point truss system in lightweight construction

  • DECOLOCK is designed as a universal truss system for visually appealing interiors, exhibition stands, shop fittings, stage and theatre constructions and more
  • Innovative black powder coating for trendy designs
  • Achieve dramatic effects in combination with appropriate lighting, lush green plants, brass elements and white as a strong contrast
  • DQ1 is particularly suitable as a frame construction for projection foils
  • High-quality aluminum tube (Ř 35mm) in lightweight construction
  • Fast, efficient and reliable assembly via quick lock conical connectors
  • An extensive selection of lengths, circular and corner elements offers maximum flexibility
  • Available as 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-point version
  • Special designs according to customer specifications on request
  • Also available in all standard RAL colors
  • 1 set of cone connectors included
  • Trusspipe: 35 mm
  • Made in Europe

Technikai leírás

Color:Black, dull, powder-coated
Trusspipe:35 mm x 2 mm
Length:500 mm
Width:500 mm
Height:35 mm
Weight:0.71 kg