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ALUTRUSS U-keret talp

55.990 Ft (44.087 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 60320350


Single tubes with quick-lock

  • The number of U-frames that can be used is the sum of the net weights of the U-frames plus any added loads and must not exceed the carrying capacity of the U-frame top section (60320351)
  • Each frame must be connected at two points to the frame above it with the enclosed connectors
  • A frame must be secured by the two eyelets welded to the side tubes
  • The drop distance should be less than 10 cm
  • Use sufficiently sized steel cables or chains as securing means
  • Load capacity of a U-frame: point load 100 kg
  • Strong EN-AW 6082 alloy for high loads
  • Trusspipe: 50 mm
  • Made in Europe

Technikai leírás

Color:Alu colored
Trusspipe:50 mm
Length:600 mm
Width:50 mm
Height:550 mm
Weight:2.45 kg