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DECOTRUSS Quad ST-500 truss

10.290 Ft (8.102 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 60112410

Leírás és Paraméterek

Decorative square crossbar

  • Small decorative truss
  • Black coating
  • Small packing size of 20 cm
  • Available in three lengths 50/100/200 cm
  • Particularly easy installation with M8 screw
  • Easily create trendy designs with the optional corner block
  • Conceived as an eye-catching design element for interiors, DJ stages, shop displays and more
  • Achieve dramatic effects in combination with suitable lighting, lush green plants, brass elements and white as a strong contrast
  • Please order matching screw set separately

Technikai leírás

Color:Black, dull, powder-coated
Strut diameter x thickness:8 mm full material
Length:500 mm
Width:200 mm
Depth:200 mm
Weight:3.00 kg