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DIMAVERY ASW-60 Grande Guitar, nature

192.290 Ft (151.409 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 26245051
The DIMAVERY ASW-60 acoustic guitar impresses with its sound, looks and high-quality components. First and foremost: the solid rosewood body, which provides brilliant and powerful sound. The solid spruce top contributes its part to the well assertive and defined tone. Also made of rosewood is the fingerboard left elegantly unadorned on the mahogany neck. D'Addario strings run between a bone nut and the rosewood bridge.Visually, the ASW-60 also offers a few special features: An elegant binding runs around the rounded body on the front and back. The soundhole decoration is enhanced with subtle pearl effects. And on the top of the body runs a slight shaping, which not only looks elegant, but also provides a very comfortable rest for the right arm.Of course, the ASW-60 also comes with a pickup system including 4-band EQ, integrated tuner and phase switch.


Western guitar with solid body and top

  • Incl. Pickup system with 4 band EQ and tuner

Technikai leírás

Battery:1 x 9.0 V E block 6F22 zinc carbon built-in
Version:Right hand version
Fingerboard: rosewood 20 frets
Body:4/4 mini jumboform
Rosewood massive
Scale length:650 mm
Nut width:43 mm
Number of strings:6
Top:Spruce massive
Color:Nature, high-gloss, painted
Weight:2.35 kg