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12.390 Ft (9.756 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 51918698
This compact LED spot by Eurolite brings RGB colors in every window display, party room or trade fair! Light up the room in any color you like to impress your audience.The H2O Water Effect is operated via the supplied remote control which is not bigger than a credit card and fits even in the smallest pocket. You can adjust e.g. the flash rate of the stroboscope and the rotation speed of the integrated effect wheel.For a permanent installation you can simply use the pre-punched hole on the bracket of the fixture. As the spot is delivered ready to use, all you have to do is install it and switch it on - plug and power cord are included. Once you plugged in the H2O, you can use preset programs like slowly fading colors, rapid color changes, strobe effects or constant light in a single color. These programs are available in sound-controlled mode (via the integrated microphone) or automatic mode. It is entirely up to you to make the most of your event!


Compact water effect with RGB color mixing and IR remote control

  • Compact LED projector with rotating effect wheel
  • 1 bright RGB LED offers a lovely water effect with RGB color mix
  • Illuminates mirror balls, display windows and party rooms
  • Convenient control via IR remote
  • Music mode or auto mode with adjustable speed
  • Direct color selection
  • Strobe effect
  • Mounting bracket for ceiling or wall mounting
  • Low power consumption
  • Black aluminum housing
  • Operation via included power adapter
  • LED: 1 x high-power 3in1 TCL RGB
  • Control: Stand-alone; Sound to light via Microphone; IR remote control
  • Effect: Flower effect

Technikai leírás

Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
5 V DC 1 A
Power consumption: 5 W
IP classification: IP20
Protection class: Protection class III
Power connection: Mains input Coaxial power connector (M) Power supply cord with AC adapter (provided)
LED: 1 x high-power 3in1 TCL RGB
Cooling: passivcooling by convection
Control: Stand-alone
  Sound to light via Microphone
  IR remote control
Housing color: Black
Width: 12.3 cm
Height: 10.5 cm
Depth: 12.5 cm
Weight: 0.31 kg
Remote control
Battery: 1 x Button cell 3.0 V CR2025 lithium manganese built-in

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