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10.290 Ft (8.102 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 42110211
Mobile, colorful & quietSimply brilliant: With its six bright LEDs, the small PK-3 spot paints your party room in vibrant colors, either fully automatically or to the rhythm of the music. With the supplied IR remote control you can select one of 3 preset show programs as well as the basic colors red, green and blue plus 7 great mixed colors. Brightness, running speed and microphone sensitivity can be easily adjusted as well.The device is ready to use, works without a fan and thanks to modern LED technology, it is also particularly energy-saving. But there is more! You can hook up your powerbank to the USB port and take the PK-3 with you and set it up wherever you want. And of course, the device is delivered ready for connection and with a practical carrying handle - all you have to do is unpack and switch it on!


Small spot with 6 LEDs, sound-controlled RGB color change and IR remote

  • Adds fun to your party rooms
  • 6 bright RGB LEDs project bright colors in your room
  • Auto mode and sound control
  • Lightweight plastic housing
  • Carrying handle
  • Can also be powered via USB power banks
  • Convenient wireless control via included IR remote control IR-16
  • Direct color selection for 10 preset colors via remote control
  • LED: 6 x high-power 3in1 TCL RGB (homogenous color mix)
  • Control: Stand-alone; IR remote control (provided)

Technikai leírás

Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
5 V 1 A
Power consumption: 5 W
IP classification: IP20
Power connection: Mains input Micro USB (F) mounting version Power supply cord with AC adapter (provided)
LED: 6 x high-power 3in1 TCL RGB (homogenous color mix)
Cooling: passivcooling by convection
Control: Stand-alone
  IR remote control (provided)
Housing color: Black
Width: 5 cm
Height: 16 cm
Depth: 16 cm
Weight: 0.27 kg
Legal specifications
Ecodesign regulation: Yes
Special product: Not designed for household room illumination
Purpose: Show effect lighting

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