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EUROLITE LED szalag RGB RF vezérlő

12.490 Ft (9.835 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 50531103
Controller with wireless remote control for LED stripsUse the EUROLITE LED Strip RGB RF Controller to control your RGB LED strips for 12 to 24 volts. The supplied ergonomic, user-friendly remote control with touch-sensitive color wheel is well designed so that you can select the color conveniently.The controller offers you ten integrated programs - you can also adjust the speed and brightness.If the remote control is not used for a longer period of time, it automatically switches to standby mode. A simple movement or slight shaking turns the remote on again. This function increases the life of the three micro-batteries included in the package.The range is up to 20 meters.


3-channel LED controller with wireless remote control for RGB LED strips 12-24V

  • For controlling RGB LED strips 12-24 V
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly wireless remote control
  • Color selection via touch-sensitive color wheel
  • 10 built-in programs
  • Adjustable program speed and brightness
  • Power supply via 3 x battery AAA size (included)
  • Transmission frequency 433.92 MHz
  • Operating range 20 m
  • Screw terminals for connecting the LEDs and the power supply
  • RJ45 jacks for serial connection

Technikai leírás

Power supply:12-24 V DC
Power consumption:max. 360 W 12 V DC
max. 720 W 24 V DC
120 W 12 V DC each chanal
240 W 24 V DC each chanal
Power connection:Mains input screw terminal
Power output:1 x screw terminal
Carrier frequency:433.920 MHz
Range:20 m
Length:9 cm
Width:9 cm
Height:2.4 cm
Weight:0.30 kg
Remote control
Battery:1.5V AAA Micro LR03 alkaline manganese (provided)
Width:5.6 cm
Height:2.2 cm
Depth:11.3 cm
Legal specifications
Ecodesign regulation:Yes