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EUROLITE SW-1 kordon behúzható piros övvel

20.390 Ft (16.055 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 80702989


The practical barrier system is an enormously variable helper for many situations. It has a black metal surface and is supplied with a 2-meter long retractable strap in black or red. The low weight makes it easy to move the system. If several posts are combined to form longer orientation lines, you can reliably guide people in cash desk areas, exhibitions, museums, restaturants, clubs and more. Of course, the posts are also suitable for cordoning off certain areas or designing inviting entrance areas.

Barrier system with black metal surface and retractable strap

  • Variable use as a guidance system, for cordoning off certain areas and for designing inviting entrance areas
  • Retractable strap system
  • One post with base included in delivery
  • Combine several posts for large guide systems
  • Post and base cover made of black metal

Technikai leírás

Strap length:2.9 m
Footprint Diameter:350 mm
Height:900 mm
Weight:6.74 kg
EUROLITE Barrier System tube SW-1 with Retractable red Belt
Weight:0.79 kg
EUROLITE Barrier System base plate
Weight:5.55 kg
EUROLITE Barrier System cover for base bl
Weight:0.41 kg