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EUROLITE szett STT-400/85 csörlős állvány TÜV / GS fekete + STV-3529 adapter

90.290 Ft (71.094 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 20000328

59007041 EUROLITE STT-400/85 Winch Stand TÜV/GS black

High-quality winch-stand, max. load 85 kg, max. height 400 cm

  • Made of steel
  • TÜV/GS certified, certificate available
  • CE certified complying with DIN EN ISO 12100-2, DIN 15560-27, certificate available
  • 1-gear winch for easy lifting of the loads
  • 4 mm steel rope
  • Automatic braking system
  • Safety-pins for mechanic locking
  • Ideal for mobile, professional lighting-systems or PA-systems
  • Easy handling
  • TÜV Süd

59007081 EUROLITE STV-3529 Adapter long

Massive adapter for 35 mm tube, with 28 mm TV spigot, max. load WLL 100 kg

  • For stands with 35 mm telescopic tube
  • Connection element for cross beam with 28 mm spigot
  • With M6 and M8 fixation screw
  • Heavy version for highest stability

Weight:25.71 kg
59007041 EUROLITE STT-400/85 Winch Stand TÜV/GS black
Maximum carrying capacity:85 kg
Minimum load:25 kg
Height:maximum: 4.00 m above 3 sections
minimum: 1.75 m
Attachment:Flange system Ř 35mm
Construction:DIN 15560-27, DIN EN ISO 12100-2
Steel rope:Ř 4 mm
Type (general stands):Light stand/wind up
Base area diameter:1.60 m
Additional dimensions:175 cm x 30 cm x 27 cm
Weight:24.20 kg
59007081 EUROLITE STV-3529 Adapter long
Maximum load BGV C1 (8-fold):50 kg
Max. load WLL (4fold):100 kg
Attachment:TV spigot system Ř 28mm
Flange system Ř 35mm
Type (general stands):Accessory
Strength:6 mm
Width:85 mm
Depth:50 mm
Height:195 mm
Weight:1.52 kg