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EUROPALMS Halloween bábu halott férfi, 68cm

30.690 Ft (24.165 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 83316108


Are you still looking for the right highlight for your theme or Halloween party?The grey, oversized face of the Grim Reaper with its coarse features alone does not miss its effect on the observer. In each of the huge eye sockets there is a red flashing LED. While a voice with haunted house sound is heard, the body of the bust tilts to the left and right via an eccentric drive. The dead man of Europalms is dressed in a torn hooded cloak with oversized bony hands attached to its ends.The animation is activated by an integrated microphone or a wired, manual control. Since the figure moves independently, please make sure that the storage area is sufficiently large and secured before starting the animation.

Godfather Death as animated standing figure

  • Special effect: With sound; Animated; With illumination
  • The article is Easy to assemble
  • Positioning: Stand

Technikai leírás

Battery: 3 x Mignon (AA) (not included)
Color: Black
Height: 68 cm
Weight: 1.10 kg