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EUROPALMS Halloween boszorkány, Nahema, 160cm

32.590 Ft (25.661 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 83316105


This Europalms statue is perfect for decoration for Halloween or your theme party.This is how you imagine a witch from a fairy tale book! Long pointy nose, malicious look and a devilish grin that reveals a nearly toothless mouth. Long grey-black hair frames her wrinkled face.By using a motorized mechanism, her head first tilts forward and then up and down as if she was nodding to someone. Red flashing LEDs in her eyes and vicious witch laughter complete the effect. The arms of the figure can be easily bent into shape, so that it is not difficult for her to stretch out a hand to greet your guests. The stick consisting of 3 segments can be clamped into the other hand. The animation of the figure is activated by an integrated microphone or wired manual control.

Animated standing figure with LED eyes

  • Special effect: Animated; With illumination; With sound
  • The article is Easy to assemble
  • Positioning: Stand

Technikai leírás

Battery:3 x Mignon (AA) (not included)
Height:160 cm
Weight:1.55 kg

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