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EUROPALMS Halloween csontváz, 150 cm

25.890 Ft (20.386 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 83314595
Not only for Halloween: Whether as a hanging figure, sitting or lying down - the rickety skeleton of Europalms should not be missing at any theme party. Adapt his outfit to the occasion: Hung with spiderwebs and a wig, or dressed in tattered cloth and clothes, the bone-man is the center of the party. Your guests will be delighted.The skeleton is made of plastic and has a size of about 150 cm. Its jaws and limbs are movable - so it can be easily placed in the desired position.


Hanging figure skeleton

  • Arms shapeable
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Technikai leírás

Construction:Arms shapeable
Standing/fixation:Loop (rope)
Dimension:Height: 150 cm
Weight:1.50 kg