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EUROPALMS Halloween tök, 31cm

9.390 Ft (7.394 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 83314236
On Halloween, carved pumpkins at the front door and in the garden are a must.They have the task of keeping evil spirits away from the house and its inhabitants - the more frightening the carving looks, the better.The ocher-colored Halloween pumpkin from Europalms fulfills this task perfectly with its monster face. It has an impressive total height of 31 cm and is hollow inside. To increase the scary effect, an LED light chain can also be placed inside. Thus it becomes the perfect "Jack-O-Lantern".


Pumpkin with monster face

Technikai leírás

Standing/fixation:Free standing
Season:Halloween; fall
Dimension:Height: 31 cm
Weight:0.45 kg