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EUROPALMS Örökzöld cserej fűvel,műnövény, 120cm

16.790 Ft (13.220 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 82600183
Set targeted green accents with the artificial evergreen shrub from Europalms.In the twinkling of an eye, you can create a pleasant atmosphere even in simply furnished office and living rooms.The branches of the evergreen spindle shrub protrude from a light green grass bush, whose PE leaves, graduated in length, already fall into shape by themselves when placed. The varying shades of green between the grass and the leaves of the shrub gives the plant a simple elegance and balanced appearance.The arrangement has a total height of about 120 cm and comes in a black gardener's pot, which gives the plant a stable stand when placed in a planter. A deceptively realistic cover with artificial moss completes the lifelike appearance.


Evergreen arrangement in decorative pot

  • Shapeable
  • On delivery the item is ready for use
  • With greencolored lifelike leaves

Technikai leírás

Delivery:Ready for use
Standing/fixation:Gardening pot covered with moss
Foliage:Material: textile
Decor style:Modern living; woods and meadows
Dimension:Height: 120 cm
Weight:1.10 kg
Dimension:Diameter: Ř 14 cm