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EUROPALMS Sunny fű műnövény, 120 cm

16.990 Ft (13.378 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 82600172
Are you looking for an attractive eye-catcher for your home or business premises? Then the artificial Sunny grass from Europalms is the ideal decorative element.The extravagant perennial has a total height of about 120 cm and consists of flower stems of different heights, whose spidery inflorescence in various shades of pink immediately catches the eye. These are enclosed by lushly arranged tufts of grass made of plastic, which already fall into shape by themselves when the artificial plant is set up.Artificial moss serves as a cover for the basic gardener's pot included in the delivery. The pot can serve as a stand for a planter, as well as be used as a decorative pot.


Flowering ornamental grass in decorative pot

  • Falls in shape by itself
  • On delivery the item is ready for use
  • With greencolored lifelike leaves
  • approx 10 rosecolored beautifully flowers

Technikai leírás

Delivery:Ready for use
Construction:Falls in shape by itself
Standing/fixation:Gardening pot covered with moss
Foliage:Material: plastic
Flowers:Pieces: ca. 10 pc/pcs
Color: rose
P(material: )plastic
Decor style:Modern living
Dimension:Height: 120 cm
Weight:1.90 kg
Dimension:Diameter: Ř 14 cm