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200.690 Ft (158.024 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 51860361


Powerful A/D converter

  • MADRIX ORION is a powerful A/D converter
  • It converts any analog input signal (0 to 12 V) into a digital DMX output signal (8 bit or 16 bit)
  • Supports a wide range of compatible sensors, potentiometers, switches, and triggers
  • Allows you to easily create interactive projects using sensors for light, temperature, PIR, and many more
  • Acts as a brigde between such equipment and a receiver, which usually is another control solution that processes and uses the incoming signals
  • Can be used to connect to building and home automation systems
  • Sends data over Ethernet network (Art-Net and/or Streaming ACN)
  • Can also be used as USB interface together with the MADRIX 5 Software
  • Features two main 6-pin ports for the direct connection to your equipment (each port incl. 4 indivdual pins plus GND and V+; for a total of 8 inputs per device)
  • Provides versatile output as different input types allow data to be processed and parameterized differently
  • Provides very flexible power and connection options for the device itself and connected equipment
  • Each input can be separately set as Analog-IN, Digital-IN, Counter, and other useful functions
  • 2 Ethernet ports with daisy-chain support for the data connection without using a separate network switch or router
  • Works great with the MADRIX Software (sold separately) with quick and easy installation
  • Complies with the official specifications of Art-Net and Streaming ACN and can be used as regular network unit with other 3rd-party consoles, controllers, or software solutions
  • 8 status LEDs, which can be turned off
  • Built-in web page for simple on-device configuration
  • Can be mounted on 35-mm DIN rails or walls via the provided wall-mount brackets
  • Non-conductive enclosure with IP20 and UL94 V-O flammability rating
  • Fanless, noiseless, and low-energy design
  • Ready within seconds after startup
  • Recommended for any small or large project
  • Multiple devices can be used together without problems
  • The firmware is upgradable for future improvements
  • Quick start guide / technical manual available in English and German
  • User manuals also available at help.madrix.com
  • Made in Germany
  • More information available at www.madrix.com
  • Made in Germany

Technikai leírás

Power supply:5-24 V AC
Power connection:Mains input USB, type B Power supply cord for USB A mains connection (provided)
USB port:USB 2.0, Typ B
Width:7 cm
Height:4.5 cm
Depth:9.2 cm
Weight:0.41 kg