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OMNITRONIC DX-822 háromutas hangfal 300 W

15.990 Ft
14.390 Ft (11.331 Ft + ÁFA)
Kedvezmény: 10%
Az akció időtartama:
2021. 05. 01. - 2021. 06. 30.
Cikkszám: 11037055
Rugged full-range speaker-system with 8" woofer and 300 watts powerThe DX-822 3-way-box by OMNITRONIC with 300 Watt power is perfectly suited for mobile use, like for mobile DJs, solo entertainers as well as for youth centres or party basements.The speaker is equipped with a piezo tweeter for powerful highs and a horn midrange driver for soft midrange. The DX-822 guarantees powerful basses and it is very durable.The tray handles allow you to carry it easily and the stable wooden housing is covered with a scratch-resistant black felt. In addition, the stable protective grille and the solid steel protective corners protect the box from damage.Using the flange, you can also mount the 3-way box on a tripod.


Rugged full-range speaker-system with 8" woofer and 300 watts power

  • 3-way party speaker-system for disco and rock music
  • Piezo super-tweeters for powerful treble
  • High-quality horn for smooth mid-range
  • Optional subbass provides a powerful bass
  • Very high durability
  • With tray handles
  • Stable wooden housing scratch-resistant, black felt-covering
  • Strong protective grille for perfect protection
  • Flange for stand installation
  • With stable protective steel corners
  • Compact speaker-system for car transport
  • Ideal for mobile discotheques or for permanent installation in party-rooms etc.

Technikai leírás

Rated power: 150 W RMS
Program power: 300 W
Frequency range: 50 - 18000 Hz
Sensitivity: 93 dB (1W/1m)
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Attachment: Flange system Ř 35mm
Connections: Input: 2 x Speakers via Speaker built-in socket (f)
Speakers: 1 x woofer (8") approx 20 cm
  1 x Piezo
  1 x Horn
Width: 32 cm
Height: 40 cm
Depth: 28 cm
Weight: 7.65 kg