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OMNITRONIC LH-042 Line / Phono konverter

10.590 Ft
9.590 Ft (7.551 Ft + ÁFA)
Kedvezmény: 9%
Az akció időtartama:
2020. 09. 30. -
Cikkszám: 10355042
The LH-042 converts a line signal to a phono signal. What this is good for? Just imagine the following situation. Your working as a DJ and you have recently bought a new line source (a CD player, MP3 player or the like). Now you would like to connect it to your mixer, but the line inputs are already used. What to do? At this point it's time for our LH-042. Just plug it into a phono input and connect your additional line source to the converter: you've got one more line slot for your mixer.


Passive stereo line/phono converter

  • Converts a line signal to a phono signal
  • Connect your line level sources, such as CD, MP3, DVD, or PC, to the magnetic phono input of a mixer, amplifier or recording unit
  • Ground terminal for avoiding hum
  • No power supply via power unit or battery necessary

Technikai leírás

Frequency range:10 - 20000 Hz
S/N ratio:>100 dB
Impedance:Input 10 kOhm
Output 470 Ohm
Gain:-46 dB
Connections:Input: 1 x line via Stereo RCA
Output: 1 x phono via Stereo RCA
Width:9.8 cm
Height:4 cm
Depth:9.2 cm
Weight:0.22 kg
Frequency characteristic:passive inverse RIAA
Phono input compatibility:moving magnet (MM), moving coil (MC)