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OMNITRONIC MAXX-1508DSP 2.1 aktívrendszer fehér

274.090 Ft (215.819 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 11038846


High-power active PA system with DSP, Bluetooth, 700 watts (15" sub, 8" tops)

  • Provides perfect sound and good level stability in various kinds of mobile PA applications up to medium-sized party events - ideal for solo entertainers, bands and mobile discos

OMNITRONIC MAXX-1508 2-Way Top 2x white

2 x 8" passive full-range speaker, 150 W RMS

  • 2-way bass-reflex system with 8" bass-midrange speaker and 1" compression driver
  • Serve as a mobile 2.1 system together with the MAXX-1508 subwoofer
  • With passive 2-way crossover, PTC tweeter protection
  • Speaker connection
  • Stable MDF enclosures (16 mm) with scratch-resistant lacquer surface, steel grille and recessed handle
  • Flange for stand installation
  • M8 threaded inserts for suspended installation
  • Applications: standing, as monitor, on a subwoofer or speaker stand, suspended

OMNITRONIC MAXX-1508DSP 2.1 Active Subwoofer white

High-power 15" active subwoofer with DSP and Bluetooth, 700 watts

  • 15" subwoofer with Class D amplifier in bassreflex cabinet
  • Amplifier power: 400 W RMS + 2 x 150 W RMS for two satellites
  • Serves as a mobile 2.1 system together with MAXX-1508 2-way tops
  • Balanced signal input XLR/6.3 mm jack L/R
  • Additional stereo RCA input, with level switch
  • Parallel XLR line output L/R
  • Integrated Bluetooth audio streaming for your smartphones and tablets
  • 3 EQ presets with indicators, DSP-controlled
  • Signal limiter, DSP-controlled
  • Separate volume control for subwoofer and satellites
  • Stereo/mono selection
  • Built-in fast charger (5 V/2 A) for convenient charging of your mobile USB devices
  • MPX/MDF enclosure (16 mm) with scratch-resistant lacquer surface and steel grille
  • M20 metal flange for mounting a satellite speaker
  • Castors available as accessory
  • Delivery includes two speaker cables
  • Digital signal processor
  • Controlling by Bluetooth
  • Transport aid: Wheels optional

Technikai leírás

Weight:46.60 kg
OMNITRONIC MAXX-1508 2-Way Top 2x white
Rated power:2 x 150 W RMS
Program power:300 W
Frequency range:120 - 18000 Hz
Sensitivity:92 dB
Max. SPL:116 dB
Dispersion angle:90° x 60°
Impedance:4 Ohm
Connections:Input: 1 x speakers via speaker built-in socket (f)
Speakers:1 x woofer (8") approx 20 cm
1 x compression tweeter highs (1") approx 2,5 cm
Type of speaker:Compact cabinet speaker
Dimension:Width: 25.5 cm
Depth: 24.1 cm
Height: 42.1 cm
Weight:17.60 kg
OMNITRONIC MAXX-1508DSP 2.1 Active Subwoofer white
Power supply:230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption:800 W
Rated power:400 W RMS LF; 2 x 150 W RMS HF
Frequency range:Bass 35 - 120 Hz
Top 120 - 18000 Hz
Sensitivity:95 dB
Max. SPL:120 dB
DSP:Digital signal processor
Circuitry:Class D
Connections:Input: 1 x stereo via stereo RCA
Input: 1 x stereo via 3-pin XLR/6.35mm jack (F) combination socket (mounting version)
Output: 1 x line via 3-pin XLR
Output: speakers via speaker built-in socket (f)
Input channels:1 x stereo via XLR or RCA or bluetooth, channel control via Rotary knob
Speakers:1 x woofer (15") approx 38 cm with ferrit magnet
Type of speaker:Subwoofer
Material:Birch multiplex; MDF (Medium-density fibreboard)
Dimension:Width: 45.4 cm
Depth: 57 cm
Height: 53.4 cm
Weight:30.00 kg