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OMNITRONIC MPVZ-120.6P PA keverőerősítő

135.590 Ft
122.031 Ft (96.087 Ft + ÁFA)
Kedvezmény: 10%
Az akció időtartama:
2021. 05. 01. - 2021. 06. 30.
Cikkszám: 80709783
Enormous reliability with a maximum of flexibility The Omnitronic MPVZ-120.6P ELA mixing amplifier is your reliable partner for ELA sound reinforcement systems. Thanks to its 19" format, it is ideal for both mobile and permanent installations. Outputs for ELA loudspeakers with 70 V and 100 V audio transformers or 4-16- Ohm loudspeakers leave nothing to be desired. In addition, you can also connect a device with line level (e.g. mixing console) to the line output. You are always flexible with 6 mixable inputs. Connect up to 3 microphones and 3 line level devices. Control your ELA speakers conveniently via the 6 zone outputs of the MPVZ-120.6P. They are separately adjustable on the front panel with a 5-stage volume control. For you, this means the greatest possible adaptability when implementing your sound reinforcement concept.The MPZ-120.6P also offers you an MP3 player with infrared remote control and blue backlit LCD display. It has both an SD card slot and a USB port. So you can spontaneously and flexibly play music titles from a storage medium of your choice.Make yourself heard! The microphone input 3 on the front panel has an adjustable priority switch. It allows you to make important announcements with automatic, continuously adjustable level reduction of all signals. Use the gong to draw additional attention to your announcement. ProtectionA fan protects the interior of your MPVZ-120.6P from overheating. In addition to a switch-on delay, it has protection circuits against overvoltage and short-circuits. In these cases, your speakers are electrically isolated from the amplifier. This protects both the MPVZ-120.6P and your speakers from damage.


6-zone PA mono mixing amp, MP3 player & IR remote, zones switchabel, 120 watts

  • Comfortable control of PA speakers via 6-zone technology
  • 6 PA zone outputs with separate 5-step level controls
  • Master PA output (70 V and 100 V)
  • Output for low-impedance speakers (4-16 ohms)
  • MP3 player with IR remote control and LCD with blue backlight
  • SD card slot and USB input
  • Folder navigation and repeat functions (1, All)
  • 2 rear microphone inputs (6.3 mm jack, unbal.)
  • 1 front microphone input (combination XLR/6.3 mm jack, unbal.) with adjustable priority circuit
  • All microphone inputs with separate level controls
  • 3 line inputs (stereo RCA) with separate level controls
  • 1 line output (stereo RCA)
  • Chime, switchable
  • Treble and bass control for the output signal
  • 7-fold LED level display
  • Master control for the output signal
  • Fan-cooled
  • Protection circuits with LED indication: over current, short circuit, turn-on delay
  • Control: IR remote control
  • Housing design: (19") 48.3 cm rack installation 2 U

Technikai leírás

Power supply:230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption:240.00 W
Output power:120 W RMS
Power connection:Fixed Power supply cord with safety plug
Frequency range:80 - 16000 Hz
S/N ratio:>75 dB Microphone; >85 dB line
Impedance:100 V ELA; 4-16 Ohm
Control:IR remote control
Audio player:USB + SD
Equalizer:master: 1 x 2-band tone control Mono
Circuitry:Class AB
Controls:current limiting; short-circuit; power on/off transient
Indicators:power, fault, level meter
Connections:Input: 1 x Microphone via 3-pin XLR/6.35mm jack (F) combination socket (mounting version)
Input: 2 x Microphone via 6.3 mm plug (unbal.)
Input: 3 x line via Stereo RCA 0.3 V
Output: 1 x line via Stereo RCA
Output: Speakers via screw terminal
Number of files:max. 999
Available storage media:USB devices/SD cards max. 32GB (FAT 32)
Distortion:<0.5 %
Housing design:(19") 48.3 cm rack installation 2 U
Width:48.3 cm
Height:8.9 cm
Depth:38.5 cm
Weight:9.10 kg
Remote control
Battery:1 x Button cell 3.0 V CR2025 lithium manganese built-in