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OMNITRONIC ODP-206 installációs hangszóró 16 ohm fekete 2x

102.990 Ft (81.094 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 11036954
Great sound - also runs with 100 voltsYou want reliable and balanced sound for your bar, restaurant, shop or the conference area of your hotel? You need indoor and outdoor speakers? With the OPD series you get powerful installation speakers that meets all your requirements.The speakers have a brilliant sound pattern and are available in a low ohm (16 ohms) and in a 100 V version. These two cover both small and large installations. A rotatable mounting bracket is included in the delivery. A swivel wall mount with matching colors is optionally available.With their weatherproofed (IP54) plastic cabinet the ODP speakers are well prepared for outdoor use, indoor use is of course also possible.


2 weatherproof 6" wall speakers with mount and 80 W RMS

  • 16-ohm PA speaker systems with an excellent sound for general applications
  • 2-way system with 15 cm woofer (6") and 2.5 cm dome tweeter (1")
  • Weatherproof plastic cabinet (IP65)
  • Swivel mounting bracket for wall installation
  • Swivel and tilting wall bracket for wall installation
  • Connection via screw terminals as accessory
  • Packed as a pair
  • Ideal for PA applications in restaurants, bars, shops or conferences

Technikai leírás

IP classification:IP65
Rated power:80 W RMS
Program power:160 W
Frequency range:60 - 18000 Hz
Sensitivity:89 dB (1W/1m)
Max. SPL:110 dB
Dispersion angle:90° x 60°
Impedance:16 Ohm
Attachment:Mounting bracket
Connections:Speakers via screw terminal
Speakers:1 x woofer (6.5") approx. 17 cm
Calottes highs (1") approx 2,5 cm
Type of speaker:Compact cabinet speaker
Width:18.2 cm
Height:36.2 cm
Depth:22.4 cm
Weight:12.1 kg