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74.690 Ft
67.190 Ft (52.906 Ft + ÁFA)
Kedvezmény: 10%
Az akció időtartama:
2021. 05. 01. - 2021. 06. 30.
Cikkszám: 80709804
Reliable amplifierThe Omnitronic PAP-60 ELA mixer amplifier is your reliable partner for ELA sound reinforcement systems. Thanks to its 19" format, it is ideal for both mobile and fixed installations. Outputs for ELA loudspeakers with 70 V and 100 V audio carriers or 4-16- ? loudspeakers leave nothing to be desired. In addition to a line input, the PAP-60 also offers a loop-through output. Choose between XLR and 6.3 mm jack for both. So you're always flexible. Protection A fan protects the interior of your PAP-60 from overheating. In addition to a switch-on delay, it also features protection circuits against overload, short-circuit and DC voltage. In these cases, your loudspeakers are electrically isolated from the amplifier. Both the PAP-60 and your speakers are protected from damage.


PA power amplifier, 60 watts

  • 1 line input (optionally XLR or 6.3 mm jack)
  • 1 feed-through output (optionally XLR or 6.3 mm jack)
  • 70 V, 100 V or 4-16 ohms operation
  • Master control
  • LED indicators for power, signal, clip and fault
  • Protective circuits: over load, short circuit, turn-on delay, over heating, DC offset protection
  • Load detection and power control
  • Rack installation
  • Housing design: (19") 48.3 cm rack installation 2 U

Technikai leírás

Power supply:230 V AC, 50 Hz
Output power:60 W RMS
Power connection:Fixed Power supply cord with safety plug
Frequency range:60 - 16000 Hz
S/N ratio:>90 dB line
Impedance:100 V ELA; 4-16 Ohm
Circuitry:Class AB
Controls:softstart; overheat; overload; short-circuit; DC voltage
Indicators:Signal, power, fault, clip
Connections:Input: 1 x line via 6.3 mm jack socket (mono) mounting version
Input: 1 x line via 3-pin XLR 0.8 V
Output: 1 x line via 6.3 mm jack socket (mono) mounting version
Output: 1 x line via 3-pin XLR
Distortion:<0.5 %
Housing design:(19") 48.3 cm rack installation 2 U
Width:48.3 cm
Height:8.9 cm
Depth:38.5 cm
Weight:7.90 kg