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OMNITRONIC QI-5T koaxiális PA fali hangszóró fehér

29.590 Ft
25.260 Ft (19.890 Ft + ÁFA)
Kedvezmény: 15%
Az akció időtartama:
2021. 01. 01. - 2021. 01. 31.
Cikkszám: 80710561


Universal wall speaker

  • 100 V PA wall speaker with an excellent sound for general applications
  • 2-way coaxial system with 13 cm woofer (5")
  • 3 power taps: 7.5/15/30 W
  • Quality MDF cabinet 16 mm
  • Scratch-resistant lacquer surface in black or white
  • Movable mounting bracket for ceiling or wall installation
  • Screw plug terminal for easy handling
  • Speaker cover with acoustic cloth
  • 4 x M8 threaded inserts
  • Ideal for PA applications in restaurants, bars, shops or conferences

Technikai leírás

Rated power:30 W RMS
Program power:60 W
Frequency range:65 - 20000 Hz
Sensitivity:90 dB
Impedance:100 V ELA
Power tapping:7.5W; 15W; 30W RMS via screw terminal switchable
Connections:via screw terminal
Speakers:1 x woofer (5") approx. 13 cm
1 x Calottes highs (0.75") approx. 1.91 cm
Type of speaker:Compact cabinet speaker
Width:18.2 cm
Height:18.8 cm
Depth:18.1 cm
Weight:3.94 kg