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OnTruss EventBoard S50 BASIC (2 darab)

151.290 Ft (119.126 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 60303141


The panel system for tool-free construction of OnTruss EventFurniture (counter, table, seating)

  • EventBoard fits all 2-point, 3-point and 4-point trusses. It is compatible with all common manufacturers.
  • EventBoard supports every bracing. The course of the cross bracing does not matter.
  • EventBoard works on trusses with and without end plates.
  • One system for different applications (counter, table, seating furniture, panelling)
  • EventBoard S050 is a fitting element. It closes a 50cm gap, if your setup can't be done in 1m sections.
  • Quick mounting
  • Low transport and storage volume
  • Flexibly expandable
  • Free design (with only a few panel types)
  • No protruding parts (only 15mm flat)
  • OnTruss TrussClips can be mounted without tools via 90° turn
  • Marking system for quick mounting of the TrussClips
  • High resilience
  • Design flexibility for the truss subbase (e.g. easy mounting of EventBoard S100 on truss divisions of 50cm + 29cm + 21cm)
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Additional rail for extensions available (e.g. FrontCover)
  • EventBoard Basic in straight design
  • Length: 1 meter
  • Surface / Edges: phenol resin / lasur
  • Suitable for pipe distance: 239mm ... 240mm
  • Delivery without accessories (TrussClips, GripSlats, BoardBinder, ...)
  • The package contains 2x EventBoard S050
  • Note for EventBoard Basic: Due to the coating process, the phenolic resin surface may be subject to colour variations and minor blemishes
  • Made in Germany

Technikai leírás

Color:Dark brown
Length:500 mm
Width:400 mm
Height:15 mm
Weight:3.90 kg

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