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 szett 4x TCM FX E-Shot + 4x kábeleket + tok

403.490 Ft (317.709 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 20000570

51708000 TCM FX E-Shot

Electric firing unit for confetti and streamers

  • The electric shooter can be used for confetti or streamer cannons
  • Push the button to shoot the confetti up to 12 meters and streamers up 20 meters!
  • Suitable for TCM FX electric cannons with 40 and 80 cm length
  • The shooting angle can be adjusted steplessly
  • Activated by a 230V power source
  • We recommend TCM FX FX-Control (No. 51708250) for the comfortable control of up to four channels
  • DMX control via any standard DMX controller and TCM FX DMX Switchpack I (No. 51708260) or TCM FX DMX Switchpack II (No. 51708265) (DMX control only possible with switchpack)
  • For the ground or stage installation we recommend the TCM FX Groundplate (No. 51708300) oder die TCM FX Groundplate XL (No. 51708302) for four units
  • For truss installation we recommend the TCM FX Twenty Clamp (No. 51708310) or the TCM FX Quick Trigger Clamp (No. 51708312) and the TCM FX E-Shot Cannon Clamp with safety rope (No. 51708314) for securing the cannon
  • PowerCon power input and feed-through output to power up further devices
  • Control: plug and play
  • Made in Europe

30235030 PSSO PowerCon Power Cable 3x1.5 1.5m H07RN-F

  • Made in Europe

31005074 ROADINGER Flightcase 4x AKKU UP-4

PRO transport case for 4x AKKU UP-4

  • Fitted for four EUROLITE AKKU UP-4
  • High-quality workmanship with birch multiplex, dark brown laminated
  • Aluminum profile frames with rounded edges
  • Interior upholstered with foam
  • Three-leg, big steel ball corners
  • 2 hinges
  • Cable conduit allows recharging the devicex inside the case
  • 1 chrome butterfly lock
  • 1 chrome case handles
  • 4 rubber feet
  • Made in Europe

Weight:13.31 kg
51708000 TCM FX E-Shot
Power supply:230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption:100 W
Power connection:Mains input PowerCON (blue), mounting version Power supply cord with safety plug
Power output:1 x PowerCON (gray), mounting version
1 x Special connector recessed mounting
Control:plug and play
Housing color:Black
Width:12 cm
Height:16 cm
Depth:13 cm
Weight:1.78 kg
30235030 PSSO PowerCon Power Cable 3x1.5 1.5m H07RN-F
Cable construction:3 x 1.5 mm˛ H07RN-F
Cable length:1.5 m
Plug A:1 x Safety plug
Plug B:1 x PowerCON (blue)
Use of brands:Built with NEUTRIK connector
Weight:0.31 kg
31005074 ROADINGER Flightcase 4x AKKU UP-4
Maximum load:25 kg
Color:Dark brown laminated
Material:Birch multiplex, 7 mm
Additional dimensions:Compartment dimensions 16 cm x 15 cm x 19.5 cm
Inside dimensions 33 cm x 31 cm x 19.5 cm
Width:37 cm
Height:25.5 cm
Depth:35 cm
Weight:4.59 kg